About Us

Welcome to our Weblog! It is indeed a Website packed with current information that is frequently updated to serve the growing demand of the National Council for Higher Education's (NCHE) local, national and international stakeholders.

Through this Website, the Council intends to connect the NCHE to the world and the world to the NCHE. It tries to present the Council at a glance so that its stakeholders can get a clear picture of its mandate and operations.

It is crucial to present a picture of the changing higher education landscape in Namibia in terms of the new improved mechanisms that have been put in place in the sector and which drive and assure quality in Namibian institutions of higher education. That is exactly what the NCHE wishes to accomplish through this Website.

The Website also serves as a window to the world-class quality standards that Namibian higher education institutions are striving for in their quest to realise the fourth UN Sustainable Development Goal that seeks to "Ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote life-long learning opportunities for all", the African Union Agenda 2063 First Ten-Year Implementation Plan (2016-2015) that calls for "support to educational standards accross the continent", and the SADC Protocol on Education that further seeks to "ensure access to relevant and quality education and training in the SADC region".

Finally, it is hoped that the information displayed on the NCHE Website would sensitise the public on the daunting task entrusted to the NCHE.