Institutional Audit

Institutional Audit is a mandatory procedure of external evaluation of the quality of all higher education institution that is carried out in five-year cycles in line with the Quality Assurance System for higher education in Namibia. The institutional audit focuses on an institution's policies, systems, strategies and resources for Quality Assurance of its academic activities. The quality of academic activities per se is not evaluated. Institutional Audits are improvement oriented, but accountability aspects are also integrated into the system.

Audit panels, comprising experts in higher education management, conduct evaluations using the prescribed criteria in the Institutional Quality Assurance Audit Manual as benchmarks. The audit report includes commendations and recommendations, and the institution should, within six months of receiving the final audit report, develop and submit a detailed improvement plan to NCHE. A progress report should subsequently be submitted to NCHE, detailing the implimentation of the improvement plan.

The following is the list of institution(s) audited by NCHE:

Institute for Open Learning (IOL), Audit Period-May 2021-March 2027, Executive Summary

Headstart Montessori Teacher Training College, Audit Period-November 2021-October 2027, Executive Summary

International University of Management (IUM), Audit Period-November 2021-October 2027, Executive Summary